The ad agency That Doubles Your current agency’s Revenue and ROAS, Not Your Costs.

👋 Omnichannel direct response ad agency obsessed with ROI.

We Transmute Attention into Scalable ROI through Direct Response Principles Mixed With Scroll Stopping Conversion Optimized Creative.

…and receive our $80M+ tested and proven advertising formula, for free.


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Marketing Partner

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⏰ We'll Guarantee To Increase Your revenue by at least 20% within 45 days or you DON'T PAY.

Here's How It Works

Grow your business with your own performance-based advertising partner that saves you 15+ hours a week completely hands-free.


Discovery Call

Once your application has been submitted, we’ll reach out to schedule your no-obligation Gratis advisory call. On the call we’ll come up with profit generating, customer getting strategies and uncover obstacles that hold you back for free.


Seamless Onboarding

We start with an in-depth market analysis and evaluate your business. Then we construct a custom tailored ROI-driven growth strategy which we’ll discuss on our kick-off call.


Elegant Execution

Save 15+ hours a week and watch your sales grow as we elegantly execute and optimize your full funnel ads to turn ice-cold strangers into dream clients and customers. If we don’t increase your revenue by 20%, you don’t pay!

GladonMedia Maintains an average return on ad spend of 9.32+ across our client portfolio.

Why You NEed us

Creative Design and Copy That Converts
🥶 Ice Cold Traffic Into Raving Customers🤩

profitably acquire new customers
from cold traffic
at scale.


Attract Better Leads

Irresistible offers, better ads and creatives attract your best customers.


Increase Conversions

Relevant direct-response ad copy that matches the behavior of your prospects increases conversions.


Kill Acquisition Cost

Strategy and ideal targeting combined with great copy allows to generate higher ROAS and drop CPA’s by up to 50%.


Shorten the sales cycle

Omnipresent helpful content retargeting speeds up the lead nurturing process.

Omnipresent Positioning

Relevant cross-platform messaging allows you to differentiate and appear “everywhere.”


Maximize ROI

Maximize ROAS, profit, and LTV with after-sale magnificence. Your “back end” may be 100 times more profitable than your initial sale.


The Ad Agency That Makes
Advertising Great Again

Almost everything you’d want from an ad agency we already bring to the table.

Research & Strategy

We'll perform deep market research and create a 90-day strategic ROI-driven growth plan.

Identify Targeting

We focus on siphoning customer insights for relevant and resonating messaging/targeting.

Ad Copy Development

Conversion focused direct response copy based on psychology to demand attention and hijack behaviour.

Creative Production

We'll create custom designed thumb-stopping creatives that hook attention and convert eyeballs into cash.

Low Hanging Fruit

We’ll uncover "quick wins" that'll pay for ourselves while identifying winning ads and setting everything up for long-term scalable growth.

Full Roll-Out

Our team of senior specialists set up all assets and have everything running on full cylinders. Turning audiences into revenue using our Behavioral Consent method.

Conversion Optimization

GM will analyze and optimize each step of the C.C.P. to boost conversion rates and drive more ROI from your existing traffic and ad spend.

Maximize Roas & Scale

We elegantly scale winning advertising campaigns and aid in uncovering new (back-end) growth opportunities.



We Help You Transmute ‘Eyeballs’ Into Cash
Through The Art of Profit Alchemy

We scale our clients by transmuting ad budgets into massive profits
our Max ROAS Formula, without spending even a cent more on traffic.

Profit Alchemy is a scientific advertising process of transmuting a raw intangible (attention) into something tangible (profit) with an advertising formula that’s perfected over 10+ years to convert ‘total strangers’ into loyal long-term customers.

Attention is the currency of our time. The new gold standard.

It’s no secret that everywhere you look you see Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson’s big bald head, even at places ‘he shouldn’t be.’

The reason? Millions of followers and daily eyeballs on his brand which he can use to manufacture piranha-like mass desire and sell out movie theaters across the globe.

Make a movie with a ‘generic mass accepted’ concept. Get anyone on board that drives eyeballs to the product = 💰

A formula for success.

So, listen.

You’re not The Rock, Margot Robbie, or Kim Kardashian.

But the formula for your business is the EXACT same.

Getting the right eyeballs on your brand and offers is crucial if you want to be even remotely competitive in your market.


Most business owners focus on the wrong things to get attention:

Copying their competitors’ crappy ads from “ad libraries.”

❌ Lacking the marketing and psychology knowledge and skill to profitably drive and convert traffic into customers.

❌ Falling for ‘the next big flashy thing.’ Insert Chatbots, FapGPT, Facebook groups, posting 3 reels per day, and “Social selling”

❌ Plus, Hiring and Firing Ad Agencies that promise gold and glory in the form of 1M views and hordes of customers, but don’t produce results gets BORING too…


❌ Ad costs are rising.

❌ Scaling ad spend without losing ad spend is hard.

❌Competition is ruthless and breaking even is harder than ever.

Our unique advertising formula helps brands and businesses transmute attention into scalable revenue and profits.

Here’s why we’re able to utterly annihilate the results of all the agencies you’ve ever worked with (combined).

It’s because we’ve perfected our advertising formula based on a deep understanding of human psychology and dark side influence

Profit Alchemy is understanding human nature and using ‘dark side direct response persuasion’ to force ICE COLD Traffic to take the desired actions we want them to take… like bees to honey. They just can’t help it.

We don’t just run ads, we manufacture an omnipresent digital experience at every stage of the customer journey to drive hordes of leads and customers per month from cold traffic.

over the course of 10+ years we’ve developed a suite of services, custom-tailored to your business that will instantly result in:

✅ A drastic decrease in acquisition costs.

✅ Building owned media assets (don’t pay twice for the same customer!)

Higher conversion rates.

Increased average order values.

✅ Data-Driven Scalable ROAS.

So, when you’re ready to:

👉 Stop wasting your own time and call it quits on tedious trial and error. 

👉 Stop relying and hoping on your “OnE FuNnEL AWaY.”

👉 Save yourself 15+ hours a week on micro-managing media buyers and agencies.

👉 Scale your ROAS and profits from paid advertising.


👉 Reserve your complimentary call.

why work with us?


Cutting Edge 'No Profit, No Pay' Agency
That Guarantees Results.

Whether you aim to scale your business through advertising or simply don’t want to manage your ads or media buyers yourself (most people don’t).

Most brands and entrepreneurs come to us because they got burned by overpromising agencies. We’ll show our money where our mouth is with our premier partnership and balls of steel guarantees.


Transparent communication

Clear and direct communication plus and everything we create is your Intellectual property.

We get paid based on performance (‘no profit, no pay’), plus we guarantee to beat your best ad. 



Gladonmedia prioritizes profit.  we make decisions based on hard data, resulting in better ROAS, up to 50% Lower CPAs, and more profit.

We maintain a 9.32+ ROAS across our client portfolio.


We do the copywriting

We study your customer avatar and write irresistible ad copy, (UGC) video, and VSL scripts.


Funnels and landing
page design

We’ll design and develop custom funnels, landing pages, and pre-frame content pages like Advertorials.


converting creatives

We source and construct converting creatives from your business content library and content creators.


Continuous testing

We’ll continuously A/B test new ads, creatives and assets like funnels and pages.

Message from the founder.

👋 Hi, I'm Mike.

I’ve been scaling brands and profits since 2014. But you’re only as effective as the person next to you — 

Why would I start a premium ad agency? Before GladonMedia, I worked side-by-side with all kinds of agencies for my consulting clients. This had me babysitting (fixing sh*t) “big promises, no results” agencies literally all the time.

My high-paying consulting clients near begged me to run their ads, even willing to sacrifice their firstborn child to scale their business.

As a boutique agency, we work with a maximum of 12 brands at a time to be able to allocate quality time to help our clients elegantly scale their advertising results. 

With our average ROAS of 9.32 across all clients, we know a thing or two about scaling brands with custom-tailored advertising strategies.

Experience elite paid traffic to its full potential. Our unique Max ROAS formula focuses on omnipresent full-funnel customer acquisition for long-term growth and domination.

We do it better than anyone else and totally crush the (💀s) numbers of your current agency like its child’s play.

Ready to work together?

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Not yet convinced?

Read Exclusive Apex Articles
For Growing Your Business

Learn The Exact 3-Step Process We Use To Help Our Clients Scale By Transmuting Ad Budgets Into Windfalls Of Sales and Profits


Frequently Asked Questions

and answers...

Because we are the best at what we do. We get paid a base fee plus a small percentage of the additional revenue we generate for you. Our fee is based on your ad budget and number of ad accounts we’ll take under management. 

No. You can reserve ad account audits by contacting us via the contact form. Your investment for an individual ad account audit is $497 and $669 for 3 ad accounts.

We’re not here to waste your time.

During our discovery call we’ll assess your business and your current situation, your desired goals, and what’s likely to hold you back from scaling your business.  We’ll ask you some questions and see if we’re fit to partner up and work together.

It’s not beneficial for either party to team up if we can’t help you grow and scale.

P.s. On the call, you’ll get our $80M+ tested and proven advertising formula, for free.

 You don’t have to worry about being held hostage by long-term contracts. Our agreements are month to month. But we do start with an initial partnership of 3 months.

This is because it sometimes takes a while to create and optimize campaigns. A campaign can not drive desired results the first month while testing, then skyrocket acquisition right after when the algorithm knows who to show ads to and initial conversion optimization takes place.

In the unlikely event that we don’t uphold to your expectations, you have the right to end our partnership (and keep every asset we’ve created in your name).

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships and provide you with the best agency experience you’ve ever had.

It depends on the scope of the project but generally 7-12 days.

Because of our deep understanding of human nature and psychology combined with a wide background mix of history and politics we can see where the current of the world is flowing towards.

Our senior advertisers are trained to think like a hedge fund manager resulting in creating the perfect ‘rainmaker’ in your business.

Through our Max ROAS Formula, we’ll be able to peer into the minds of your market and best customer and create irresistible omnipresent brand assets that’ll pre-frame, indoctrinate and shape the paradigm of potential customers throughout the customer journey to fuel the growth and scale of your brand or business.

We’re also on the lookout and proactively come up with new ways to dig up hidden gold. for example how to optimize your offer/product, find new market segments, and even how you could improve your organic content for maximum social growth. If you win, we win.

We help our clients forge legacies.

  1. For Impact in the world.
  2. To provide for your family (handing it over to the next gen.)
  3. Or a potential (huge) exit.

Yes. First, we guarantee that we’ll increase revenue by at least 20% within 45 days.

Secondly, in the unlikely event that we don’t produce profit You don’t pay.

This way all the risk is on our side and we have to work like your business is our business to be profitable.

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