Bulletproof Lead The Charge Business Growth Tipsheet

[Created on July 27, 2017 – updated 09-01-2022]

You’ve probably experienced this as well.

Somewhere in your life, you’ve probably attended an event, a business mastermind, or seminar. Bought a book or training course… and there’s that one lesson or statement, that’s the catalyst for change or a revelation that was worth it all…

One thing that resonated so well, that you decide to write it down in your notepad for later.  In my Evernote list “Inspirational Insights,” I’ve amassed over 300 of these revelations, statements, and lessons over the past 4 years… that have helped me develop and grow. Grow in mindset, health, productivity, business, relationships, and more. From that massive list of 300+ revelations, I’ve condensed (in my opinion) the 39 best lessons or revelations in a list.

You might be thinking, shit! another tipsheet.

But there’s more to it, The reason I’ve chosen these 39 specific ones is that I actually implemented them myself successfully.

in no logical order, here they are:

  1. Cash is King. Ask yourself every day “Who’se got my money?”
  2. Implement direct response marketing and advertising with clear CTA’s (Call to Actions).
  3. Learn Copywriting. Learn to write (at least) decent copy for written content, ads, and promotions. Then you can always outsource later. (NO… Not to the intern who started her own blog!)
  4. Apply the law of 33%. Spend and engage 33% of your time with potential clients and people on the come-up, 33% with peers, and 33% with thought leaders and influencers who are further in their journey than you.
  5. Use Paid Advertising (PPC) to drive traffic, build an custom databases and generate sales (SEA and social advertising–Primarily Facebook ads and Google Ads).
  6. Create irresistible lead magnets. Specifically for people who are at different stages in your funnel (cold, warm, hot).
  7. Create Quality Content. Create a blog, and frequently post relevant blogs and articles. Write articles on Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, and Quora–Submit exclusive content to authority sites in your industry. Create a podcast or vlog and create weekly or daily episodes.
  8. Create a list of authority sites, blogs, podcasts, and thought leaders. Actively nurture a relationship for guest activities. (guest posting, be a guest on a podcast, or you host them on your podcast)
  9. Manufacture Omnipresence. Take your bigger content pieces and repurpose that content into snippets, quotes, soundbites to stay in the feeds. Use retargeting, boosted posts, and heavy engagement on social to stay top-of-mind.
  10. Use your content in your follow up. Create content around important topics and questions, and send them out to prospects via a simple tweet, DM or email — You can also pixel specific website pages and use these content pieces to follow up with people through a retargeting ad!
  11. Give your best content away for free without having to subscribe just like this tipsheet! (I originally wanted to create a lead magnet out of this one.)
  12. Use Content Specificity. Content specificity is personalized hyper-targeted content to drive visitors, page growth, video views, leads, appointments, proposals, clients, and sales!
  13. Content Relevancy. Content relevancy is key to growing your brand. Content needs to be relevant and personalized so that it helps your readers solve their problems based on the current state of mind and stage of the customer journey they are in.
  14. Create (3-6) social media posts per day. Take viral content and give it your own spin, take snippets of your content and post it per outlet that you use.
  15. Smart Content Amplification. Boost your social media posts that have high (organic) engagement with $5-$10. Here is an example: Boost your new articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, and live videos with $10-$20 to reach more people, increase your engagement and grow your custom audiences and social following.
  16. Ferociously create and test new marketing & advertising ideas and campaigns. Innovate and test new business development opportunities.
  17. Come up with easy content ideas on Reddit, Quora, Medium, Feedly, Buzzsumo and of course your prospects, email list, and customers!
  18. Create seasonal and holiday campaigns that result in more transactions and grow your brand by social shares and engagement.
  19. Build a Business Development System. Reach out to potential clients via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram–and follow/engage with them on social media. Super smart if you have a automated customer acquisition funnel working for you in the background!
  20. Bugatti mindset – Focus on the top 1%, 5% and 18% of your market. These “best fit” leads and prospects will spend the most money with you immediately and over a longer period of time, plus they bring referrals. Get in front of them, share your “Big Idea” or Explanation of Services– create strong partnerships with them and help them out by giving them ideas that gets them further in life and business.
  21. Turn your smartphone into an ATM by following up and closing deals via phone calls, Whatsapp, emails, Messenger and social media.
  22. Build your Hitlist of people who are your “best-fit clients” that you want to work with. These are your top 1% and 5%! (The other top 18% of your market are hooked in through strong marketing and advertising and put through a client acquisition funnel.
  23. Grow and Nurture your Farmclub with people from your Hitlist that indicated interest in your products or services but didn’t yet convert into a client. Follow up with them over 7-15 touches (keep in touch with prospects who’ve said no, but are a great fit *After the 15th touch* every 3, 6, 9 months.
  24. Nurture your top 25. These are your 25 best clients you want to build an awesome and meaningful relationship with, who become great referral partners that you want to squeeze 3-5 referrals from every year and upgrade them to a higher level product, package, or service. They are advocates who spread your message with everyone–And if asked, phone your unclosed leads.
  25. Get referrals anyway–NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE TO PAID ADVERTISING! Frequently ask for referrals from your email list, prospects, lost deals, current clients, and past clients. I even ask for referrals 3 times before someone becomes a client.
  26. Send awesome Direct Mail. Send your clients and best customers cool gifts– and use an out of the box (lol) approach to reach and get meetings or phone calls with decision-makers.
  27. Build out a Dynamic Marketing Funnel. This is a 3-tiered marketing campaign or client acquisition funnel that drives cold leads and turns them into money… consistently. This type of funnel builds massive goodwill and trust with people.
  28. Constantly be driving fresh leads into your funnels 24/7 through advertising campaigns and marketing efforts.
  29.  Create Dynamic ongoing lead nurture sequences that are… again! marketing messages, contingency plans and conversion points customized to the mindset and behavior of the prospect to turn more leads into sales.
  30. Focus On Funnel Wide Conversion Optimization to increase the desired amount of actions you want people to take at each step or hoop in your funnel.
  31. Drastically Lower Lead Churn by optimizing your campaigns and putting contingency plans in place.
  32. Smart use of Primal Social Dynamics.  Use urgency and limited availability– and risk reversal to massively boost sales.
  33. There’s a Pay Price To Action For Everything. Put it in. Whether it’s time, money or effort.
  34. Sharpen Your Axe Daily. Increase your knowledge and skillset through books, programs and implementation.
  35. Keep yourself in the best shape possible. Take the time to exercise and feed your body with proper nutrition.
  36. Influencer Marketing Domination, find and connect with thoughtleaders and influencers who can help you move forward by promoting your brand (free or paid).
  37. Use Facebook Advertising as your primary driver of traffic, leads and sales.
  38. Build custom audiences — from your website visitors, blog readers, email list, leads to move them through your funnel and create LLA’s  “Lookalike Audiences” from your website visitors, leads, customers, and customers who’ve purchased more than once and customers with the highest lifetime value.
  39. Write down your goals daily and read or listen to an inspirational book to light a fire under your ass.
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