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Get plugged into our exact Done-For-You ‘Google Ads Scaling System’ to Make $3, $9, or even $15 for every dollar you spend and unlock scalable conversions whilst maintaining ROAS at will GUARANTEED.

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When It Comes To Google Ads
Most Experts Have It All WRONG!

The most clumsy mistakes 98% of all businesses make with Google Ads…
and how to implement the  tricks of the trade of the most successful advertisers to skyrocket your ROAS and profit.

Google Ads is a ruthlessly competitive attention platform.

There’s no point in appearing at the top of Google if people aren’t clicking on your ads or not pulling out their wallets and scream “Please, Take my money!” when they’ve landed on your website.

It’s no secret that:

❌ 2% of all advertisers get 50% of the clicks.
❌ 76% of ad budgets are lit straight on fire. Poof GONE.
❌ Brands are facing a steady increase in Acquisition Costs.
❌ The average conversion rate is only a measly 2.81%.


Casting Pearls Before Swine.

The most common Google Ads Mistakes…

  1. Using broad match keywords.
  2. Thinking more clicks equal more conversions.
  3. Sending traffic to their homepage.
  4. Cramming a bazillion search terms in one ad group.

Businesses want the 3% of ready-to-buy consumers but get 97% of users to click who aren’t ready to buy yet or looking for a similar product.

But here’s the secret. Google ads experts and agencies may know all the ins and outs technical aspects.

Inevitably Casting Pearls Before Swine.

❌ Getting irrelevant and poor-quality clicks.
❌ Losing potential leads and customers.
❌ wasting ad spend.

But what you really want is 

When you’re using broad match keywords, you’ll show up for the most irrelevant search queries that don’t have anything to do with your products or services.

Thinking “The more clicks I get, the more conversions” is flawed thinking.

Here’s why.

I’ve had past clients alter my campaigns and overnight  transformed from high-performing, revenue-generating sales machines

to shit literally overnight.

The most clumsy mistakes 95% of advertisers (even so-called “experts” and agencies) make that’ll drain your ad budget
like ‘one night in Paris’ are:

⏰ We'll Guarantee To Beat Your Best Ad By at least 23% or You Get a FULL REFUND.

Premier Google Ads Management
In Just 3 Simple Steps...

Your own ongoing performance-based Google advertising partner that drives scalable conversions while maintaining ROAS, saves you 15+ hours a week and grows your business completely hands-free.


Discovery Call

Once your application has been submitted, we’ll reach out to schedule your no-obligation Gratis 45-minute advisory call. On the call we’ll come up with profit generating, customer getting strategies and uncover obstacles that hold you back for free.


Seamless Onboarding

We’ll start with an in-depth market analysis and evaluate your business. Then we construct a custom tailored ROI-driven growth strategy which we’ll discuss on our kick-off call.


Elegant Execution

Save 15+ hours a week and watch your sales grow without additional ad spend as we elegantly execute and optimize your Google Ads campaigns. If we don’t beat your best ad, you don’t pay!

GladonMedia Maintains an average return on ad spend of 9.32+ across our client portfolio.

(Personalized and 100% complimentary no-obligation growth conversation)



Full Funnel Google Ads That Double,
Triple, or even 10X Your Current ROAS
In Less than 90 Days...

Most businesses are purely focused on customer acquisition.

But they’re either losing on advertising or are not winning to the potential and scale that they could be winning at.

They’re satisfied with the status quo of a measly 1.78x or even a 2.5x ROAS.

Then… they throw new ads, or more budget on the bonfire hoping that will bring new customers…

Results tank.

Read the sentence below.

Perception is reality.

There’s a difference between an “ad agency” and an ad agency that’s specialized in human psychology. To bend the minds of the market to our customers will.

We don’t just “Run ads.” Anyone could do that.

But what would make the biggest difference for your business, ROAS, and net profits?

Quick question friend.

Why are people who see a fortune tellers always so mindblown?

How did you know this about me?” *Gasp*

It’s for the same reason why people act r*tar*ed on television show 1, and seem completely normal or even intelligent when they’re being interviewed.

It has all to do with controlling the frame by indoctrination and paradigm-shifting the belief systems of your cold audience.


That’s what we do.


You need a world-class advertising copywriter.

…a conversion optimization specialist.

An ROI-obsessed data alchemist.

A sales funnel designer.

Someone who goes beyond the realm of simply placing ads in front of eyeballs and hoping they’ll buy.

But looks at maximizing the whole customer journey for lower CPA’s, increased AOVs, Return on investment and profit.


Does Your Google Ads Agency
Cover Any Of These..?

Almost everything you’d want from an ad agency is already in it.


Discover Battle-Tested Google Ads Strategies
To Grow Your Business

Read some of our “DIY” articles

track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and which channels are driving the most traffic, conversions, and… 

A “secret” hidden metric that determines the effectiveness of your Google Ads and boosts your click-through rates, conversions, and ROAS…

Concealed Strategy helps small advertisers seize market share from big competitors and conquer the…


Frequently Asked Questions

and answers...

Google Ads is a ruthlessly competitive PPC advertising platform.

Doing it yourself is going to cost you a lot of hours per week or month that are better spent somewhere else to grow your business. Plus, most advertisers waste 76% or more of their budget or don’t get any results at all due to the high skill level and multiple elements that come at play.

Because of our expertise of the platform and understanding of advanced human psychology we know what works and what doesn’t and quickly scale up your budget. GladonMedia maintains a 9.32+ Return on Investment across our client portfolio.

No. You can reserve ad account audits by contacting us via the contact form. Your investment for an individual ad account audit is $497 and $669 for 3 ad accounts.

We’re not here to waste your time.

During our discovery call we’ll assess your business and your current situation, your desired goals, and what’s likely to hold you back from scaling your business.  We’ll ask you some questions and see if we’re fit to partner up and work together.

It’s not beneficial for either party to team up if we can’t help you grow and scale.

P.s. On the call, you’ll get our $80M+ tested and proven advertising formula, for free.

We employ a few pricing structures to make sure you’re getting the most out of our partnership. 

Our most popular partnership model is that we get paid a base fee that depends on your ad budget.

Our agreements are month to month. You don’t have to worry about being held hostage by long-term contracts.

In the unlikely event that we don’t uphold to your expectations, you have the right to end our partnership (and keep every asset we’ve created in your name).

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships and provide you with the best agency experience you’ve ever had.

It depends on the scope of the project but generally between 7-12 days.

We don’t abide to a specific budget. But our clients spend between $2,500 and $350,000 per month on their Google ads campaigns.

Because of our deep understanding of human nature and psychology combined with a wide background mix of history and politics we can see where the current of the world is flowing towards.

Our senior advertisers are trained to think like a hedge fund manager resulting in creating the perfect ‘rainmaker’ in your business.

Through our Max ROAS Formula, we’ll be able to peer into the minds of your market and best customer and create irresistible omnipresent brand assets that’ll pre-frame, indoctrinate and shape the paradigm of potential customers throughout the customer journey to fuel the growth and scale of your brand or business.

We’re also on the lookout and proactively come up with new ways to dig up hidden gold. for example how to optimize your offer/product, find new market segments, and even how you could improve your organic content for maximum social growth. If you win, we win.

We help our clients forge legacies.

  1. For Impact in the world.
  2. To provide for your family (handing it over to the next gen.)
  3. Or a potential (huge) exit.

Yes. First, we guarantee that we’ll beat your BEST running ad by at least 23% within 45 days or we work for free until we do.

Secondly, if we don’t produce profit you’ll be refunded your investment immediately.

This way all the risk is on our side and we have to work like your business is our business to be profitable.

Depends on how fast you can click on the huge red button that says “Reserve my gratis discovery call.” 😉

Step 1: Reserve your call.

Step 2: If we’re the right fit we’ll start the onboarding process and gather deep intelligence in your niche and market.

Step 3: Ongoing Google ads Management.

Are You Ready To Scale..?

Reserve your complimentary discovery call now!

Month to Month Contracts • Cancel Anytime • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% free & No obligations)

Introducing a Direct Response Google Ads Agency That Guarantees To Outperform Your Best Ad Or You don’t pay a single penny...
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