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If you’ve visited the ol’ “about us page” you’re likely to learn more about us. Otherwise, you wouldn’t click through to this page.


/Leveraging culture and human nature for profit.

We live in an age of great fissure between beliefs, nations, and cultures.

There’s a constant competition between modern humans of all tribes, ideologies, cultures, and countries.

They hinge on the thread of co-dependency—each fighting for the feeling of status-superiority and significance. 

But human nature and motives haven’t changed much in the past 40,000 years. Intrinsically we’re all still lazy apes spending our precious time grooming, stuffing our mouths, fighting, and trying to get laid

This matters a lot to your business because…

Human nature to its essence means garnering enough status and resources in the most energy saving, easiest and fastest way as possible.

Today we’re not hunting prey or impressing the pretty girl (or dude) with war paint, and accumulated resources via combat achievements. 

We’re doing it with products and services bought (online) from our favorite stores, brands and companies, allowing us “an edge” over our competition and provides us with the health, wealth, happiness, and status we’re all desperately craving.

In today’s world, there’s a “small pocket” of psychology which we can leverage to control the decision-making process of the market and make them choose you over your competitors—becoming a long time customer, and create a better world for all

With our years of experience and a strong background in political philosophy, history, and psychology, we can craft unique and powerful campaigns for our clients that drive millions of targeted eyeballs and hordes of customers.

Armed with the power of indoctrination and propaganda “for good” combined with a data-driven approach to psychology and direct response advertising, we can restore the connection between individual sovereignty, tribes, and cultures at a profit by helping our clients grow meaningful brands & tribes of customers.

ᛟ Gloria Tibi.


"I hate Rules"

Well. the guy on the left (or below). That’s me. Hi, I’m Mike and I write my own bios in first person.

As a struggling personal trainer I had to learn the hard way of getting clients. This has led me to a lifelong obsession with marketing, psychology, human nature, copywriting, brand, and advertising.

My ‘advertising career’ began by “complete accident.” In 2013 one of my PT clients asked me to create Facebook ads for him as he saw mine were doing great. “What the heck, sure.”

This allowed me to transition from PT to start my consultancy in 2014. As a behind-the-scenes strategic rainmaker for nearly 10 years I’ve helped many clients all around the world in multiple niches and industries scale. 

But I ran into a gigantic frustration that occurred in my market from 2015 up till today. High fee agencies over promising and under delivering. My clients near begged me to run their ads for them and in 2022 GladonMedia was born.

Here’s how we do it differently than other agencies.

I call it “Behavioral Consent Advertising.”

While most agencies learn from the same guru’s and consume the same information which they charge you insane fees for, I’ve studied propaganda, human nature, and dark psychology from the “ancient masters.” 

I’ve combined ancient knowledge with modern direct response marketing to shape mass consent of an idea or belief in the market so we can ‘create’ more customers at will to scale ROAS and profit with omnichannel advertising.

I believe any business can be changed by one single advertisement.

If anything I’ve just said piqued your curiosity, read some of my in-depth articles. If you’ve found those helpful, you might consider reserving a call.

Gloria Tibi,

— Mike “Get R.O.A.S. or Die Trying” Gladon

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"not your typical ad agency..."

GladonMedia was founded in 2022 as the prime solution for businesses looking to scale customer acquisition whilst maintaining scalable ROAS and profit with paid advertising but keep getting stuck with poor results and bad partnerships.

Clients come to us because they want something they’re not getting, and/or they don’t know how to get it. Resulting in a stalemate.

Our mission is to enable, inspire, and empower great companies to improve 100 million lives with great products at a profit by infusing them with elite advertising. 

Our vision: Evolving the world’s consciousness to support well-being, and opulence—and shape mass market acceptance of freedom and sovereignty of the self and its tribes.

to us, opulence isn’t defined by a bunch of numbers in a bank account. it’s defined as freedom, health, and success in every dimension of life you find important.

We operate according to a self-crafted model based on utilizing dark psychology and real-world experience to transmute attention into profit.

We’ve taken the things we’re passionate about and fused them with proven direct-response marketing guidelines to create a unique ROI-driven advertising model that exceeds all expectations.

ᛟ Palma non sine pulvere.

/Core Values

"Values are the pillars of
communication and partnerships."


Trust forms the basis of every partnership to perform at the highest level. We uphold our commitments and act in your best interests ALWAYS. 


We’re not looking for short-term gains. The objective of GM is to build long-term partnerships that allow both parties to flourish and build a better world.


Respect is everything. Mutual respect for everyone involved in the trenches during our partnership is a baseline requirement.—From interns to junior copywriters to you and your leadership team.


We care about being at the upper echelon of advertising agencies and performing at our best every… single… day.


We believe transparency is the key to long-term partnerships. We don’t sugarcoat or sprinkle glitters on 💩. 


We’re extremely passionate about the work we do and the brands and businesses we choose to serve in their mission to growth and success.

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