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From the desk of Michael Gladon.

Welcome Acolyte,

This scroll is written with an important and urgent message.

but let me get straight to the point – this is not for everyone.

GladonMedia is a premium direct response PPC Agency, amassing a deadly concoction of services that turn ‘eyeballs’ into massive profits. Our management work for clients is backed on facts, not personal feelings. In finance or marketing terms we call that ROI (return on investment) driven.

ROI-Driven Marketing: ROI tells you what works, and what doesn’t work. Based on that data we make decisions to optimize or cancel campaigns.

The geeks call this data-driven.

We are hardcore and out-of-the-box thinkers and strategizers.

Unfortunately acolyte, most my best and powerful ‘stuff‘ is unshareable online due to our favorite pantheon of tech-geeks – who (although) assist us in making us all loads of money –– are censoring the CR**! out of free speech … and not only messages, but (cancel-culture topics) words that don’t fit the opinion narrative of modern invasive and perverse politics.

a double edged sword indeed.

To beat the hypocrite elites, we simply cannot share their own loopholes and use their own philosophies and human nature against them in the open.

Featuring WARPATH – an exclusive (and gratis) program and email newsletter.


It’s more than just a newsletter.

Acolyte, you’re invited into the Halls of the Armory; The Free marketing MBA Membership area.

  • You’ll receive The “Scrolls of Power” newsletter.
  • Daily Action packed ‘assault Care-package’ delivered straight to your inbox. (that’s 3-taps on your phone… for you lazy f*cks.)
  • Stack your War Chest (business cash reserves) – Our undisclosed and classified finance papers.
  • Join the exclusive Discord Tribe with likeminded achievers: The WARPATH SYNDICATE (coming soon!)
  • Members Only Instagram. (secret posts, Insta-lives, reels and Q&A’s that otherwise gets me banned).
  • Secret Telegram: Pantheon Roundtable. For all your questions and classified answers (for members only).

All designed to help you scale your profits and put more money in your pocket. Combined with in-depth articles and guides so you can see what’s working now and how you can implement all this juicy stuff in your business.

Our work – profit galore…

We use ROI-driven advertising strategies and marketing automation custom tailored to your business to transmute ad budgets into leads and convert them into customers and clients.

To be 100% transparent. GladonMedia is the agency that achieves way more.

We look at clients’ short-term objectives and long-term vision, and the obstacles they’re running into. Then we help them craft, execute and manage a strategy to reach their goals in the least amount of time.
Our mission is to help our clients cement their legacies through advertising. Whether you’re the CEO, CMO, director or the owner/investor.
high achievers seek to cement their legacy – which either means to keep your name alive for many generations to come, or setting up your family with enough wealth to resist the coming slavery of man.
That second element is either done via passing on the business to their offspring, or exiting the business at the highest possible offer.
The choice is yours acolyte.
However, I do not recommend you start hiring us unless:

1. You’ve read multiple of our articles.

2. Tried at least two days of WARPATH.

3. Have a proven product or service that you’re successfully selling.

4. You’re growing an email list of (eager to buy) prospects.

5. You at least understand the basics of internet marketing.

6. You’re already advertising.

Oh.. by the way, one last thing my dear friend.

Our services are not for starters, dabblers or “lifestyle business people.”

What we do is carefully designed to double, triple or even quadruple your leads, sales and profits.

To see how we can help you.

First, read some of our articles to see if what we do fits your style. We’re pretty hardcore.

Then if you like those, download a few guides and other intentional BRIBES.

Only, if then… and you’re sure that you want to dish out big bucks to hire a premium agency to manage and make you even more money;

(Or you have ADD and love fast action.)

Click here to Reserve Your Complimentary 45-minute Exodia Call.

To your Growth and Glory acolyte!

– Michael Gladon

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