Why Should I Hire an Ad Agency To Run My Ads?

Hiring an ad agency helps you seize market share and drive consistent streams of leads and customers to your business, (without wasting thousands on in-house staff or wasted ad spend.)

Most businesses don’t win to the potential they could be winning at, or ever come close to scaling their sales and revenue, without even realizing it.

Here’s why.

Most business owners are stuck on what I call “the hamster wheel of death.”

It goes something like this:

    1. Not advertising at all. Stuck on the revenue rollercoaster depending solely on word-of-mouth.
    2. Learning to run ads themselves as they go. Going down the Marketing Rabbit hole, just to end up on the Hamster wheel of death — “Investing” thousands of dollars and hours studying copywriting, building funnels, writing sales copy, and wasting tons of cash running their own ad campaigns. (then wonder why their significant other left…
    3. Wasting tedious hours every day slaving away managing ad campaigns and having to constantly come up with new ideas and ad angles, and staying up to date with ad platform changes and trends.
    4. Figured out they need more free time to actually operate the business. So they hire a media buyer to manage their advertising campaigns. (Is now forced to spend extra hours ‘training’ and micro-managing the in-house marketer/media buyer).
    5. “Big sad!” Spend the majority of your day ticking off ad tasks. Then when you come home, spend your evening studying “copywritinglol. Boring.
    6. Decides to hire a cheap ad agency. Gets burned on the promised results—costing thousands in management fees and wasted ad budget.

Business owner comes to the conclusion: “I want to increase my revenue and make more money, but this is taking way too much time away from the things that I love to do.”

So, Why is hiring an ad agency a No Brainer?

Look at the last year of revenue for your company. Did it go up, down, or sideways?

If it didn’t go up, then there’s your problem.

Look at how much time you’ve spent in and on your business. Did you enjoy more free time or are you hustling 10-14 hours per day?

Here’s the thing.

The right ad agency helps you to:

  • Free up your time.
  • Grow and scale your company (hands-off) on “auto-pilot.”

In this article, you’re going to learn why hiring an ad agency to manage your advertising efforts is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. Ad agencies are your front line. They’re the ones holding the shield wall

Just like monarchs and emperors of old. They had their most trusted and specialized warriors, generals, and advisors in close proximity.

And when they had to… They spearheaded campaigns of utmost importance.

The right ad agency consists of warriors, strategic generals, and advisors to help you(the sovereign monarch of your empire) to draw the attention of your marketplace and turn that attention into cash efficiently on a daily basis.

You’re not just investing in an “ad management fee” to reap more customers.

You’re also investing in saving more time, effort, and lost money through skillfully handling all the day-to-day tasks to get you the highest return on investment.

In my previous attempt to explain to you that “doing it yourself” is asinine.

Hiring an ad agency with the expertise, tools & resources to create and optimize effective ad campaigns that drive consistent growth—is the best decision you’ll ever make.

From strategy to (ad)creative development, and media buying to providing valuable insights and perspectives on your target market, optimizing your customer journey for maximum ROAS and LTV.

The right agency:

  • Is a trusted advisor.
  • Has clear and consistent communication.
  • Drives consistent and scalable growth.
  • Frees up your time from “in the trenches work” to strategic operations.
  • Provides fresh perspective and insight on every aspect of your company.
  • Demonstrates measurable results and growth.

This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies. Freeing up your precious time and resources to focus on the most important aspects of your business and spend more quality time with your family. All the while your business keeps generating leads and customers around the clock.

Peace of mind. Priceless.

2. Hiring an ad agency is Extremely cost-effective.

There are 3 ways your ad agency will bring in more leads, customers, revenue,
and net profits.

  • Drastically increases results (the above).
  • Ad Budget optimization—driving a higher ROAS from the same budget.
  • Removes the high cost and risk of hiring and training in-house talent.

Hiring an ad agency can save you a lot of money. Most people don’t even comprehend how much cash they leave on the table.

A bad employee will cost your business 3 to 10 times their salary in ‘hidden’ lost revenue.

A good employee is free.

A great employee drives 5 to 10 times the value than what you pay ‘em.

But those are hard to find… and keep.

And in-house marketers are Expensive.

  • Their salaries are higher than the agency’s management fee.
  • The hiring process can cost you up to $20,000 per vacancy.
  • Training and managing in-house marketers takes time—and often they are not a right fit for your company. Having you starting the hiring process all over.
  • In-house marketers are less skillful and specialized than ad agency squads. 
  • It’s expected of In-house marketers and media buyers to juggle multiple or all areas of expertise to save on salary costs. Never allowing them to shine in their preferred expertise, holding them back from generating ‘homerun’ results.
  • In-house marketers are harder to keep. When someone pays them $3/hr more, they’re GONE.

The monthly management fee, plus a percentage of the ad budget is lower than your team’s payroll and more likely to yield 3x or higher returns.

So, if you don’t have the time or motivation to build an in-house team, but want to consistently grow or scale, then outsourcing these tasks by hiring an ad agency can speed up your business growth.

Win-Win. Net positive.


3. Ad agencies Produce Higher Yields On Your Advertising Budget.

Ad agencies have the skill and wisdom to produce results. Period.

The reason for that is in order to be “good” at advertising, you need to either—master various hard skills, or hire and train team members to master one specific skill.

Either they are specialists in one of the specific marketing facets or ad platforms like Google ads or Facebook ads.

Or they are T-shaped specialists. People with broad and depth marketing knowledge in multiple facets like Social advertising (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ads), PPC advertising (Google ads, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, Microsoft ads), and ecommerce conversion rate (AOV maximization, landing page optimization, upsells, etc.)

Those specialists need to be unconsciously competent at:

  • Psychology – What is someone motivated by?
  • Human nature – What drives someone to take a specific action?
  • Copywriting – how do you word desires and outcomes to a specific avatar?
  • Ad platforms – Understanding and rigging the ad platform in your favor.
  • Ad Creative – Knowing how and what type of ad creative to use and create that gets results.
  • Customer Journey – Knowing what type of content or ad to show to someone at the right time and the right place to have them willingly take the next step.
  • Economics – You need to understand economics and how businesses work inside and out to provide the highest amount of ROI.
  • Analytics – Measuring data to see what’s working and adapt and scale based on that data.

And the way to master a specific skill is by relentlessly devoting yourself to studying, applying, and failing until one day it just clicks.

Do you understand why spending thousands of hours learning and doing it yourself is insane?


An ad agency knows what converts. Like it’s not guaranteed. But generally speaking after some testing and tweaking the results start flooding in.

An ad agency knows that 2-3% of visitors will buy on the first touch. 15% within 72 hours and 90 days, and 85% buy 90 days to 2 years from now.

And they know how to maximize your ad spend; more budget for getting leads and customers.


68% of ad budgets are flushed down the toilet. Money wasted.

This means that whatever you’re currently spending on acquiring leads and customers—you’re most likely to be overpaying by 68%.

So, an ad agency doesn’t just bring you more leads and customers—they’ll bring them in with lower CPLs and CAC ‘customer acquisition costs.’

4. Hiring an ad agency can ultimately help you achieve your business goals, Faster.

Whatever your business goals are. The right ad agency will create a tailored advertising strategy that aligns with your (business) goals.

If you’re focused on growth—you’re getting a proposal to consistently drive more leads and customers.

If you’re looking to scale from €2,000,000 to €6,500,000—You’re getting a long-term proposal to create a flood of leads (trials, calls, demos, etc,) and customers through omnipresent advertising on multiple platforms throughout the customer journey, optimizing your customer journey, and scaling ad campaigns in width and depth.

A great agency can handle the scaling of your advertising results.

5. The right ad agency for your business will be your long-term growth partner.

Look, any agency can get you some leads. That isn’t the hard part.

A great agency is your growth partner. They approach the customer journey holistically from a 33,000 ft point of view and help you optimize for more revenue, margins, and net profits.

An ad agency also acts as your sounding board when you take off on your growth journey.

It’s important to work with a trusted team who can advise you at every step of your business growth, and offer unbiased opinions, perspectives, and unveil new growth opportunities.

Ad agencies understand the value of time // return on investment.

They can clearly measure results, test, and optimize advertising campaigns.

80% of prospective clients that come to us fail to answer the most simple question.

What are your numbers?”

I truly do not understand how that’s possible in the time we’re living and the tools available.

  • Put $5000 into advertising.
  • Drive 7500 clicks.
  • Out of those 7500, 1125 optin for a lead magnet.
  • Out of 1125 leads, 34 decide to take the next step…
    – Purchase a product or book a call/demo/trial.

The right ad agency helps you define your numbers and assists you in ROI-driven decision-making with the focus on net profit.


Net profit is all that matters. What you get to keep after taxes and CoGs/CoF(fulfillment).

And unlike most ad agencies. We make our clients smarter.

If you understand what we’re doing with your ad campaigns, you’re more likely to let us test new things.

There are loads of ad agencies that offer “cheap” services. They might bring you a trickle of leads and sales, but they’re bad for your mental health.

  • They lack knowledge and skill.
  • They can’t solve unexpected problems.
  • They’ll set your campaigns once, then run it on autopilot.

So instead of bringing you huge profits. They’ll bring you more headaches and wasted ad spend.

6. Hiring an ad agency can give your business the competitive advantage it needs!

To get ahead of the game you need to seize market share and stand out.

You wanna be the top dog in your market? Hire an ad agency and watch your competitors cry like jealous little chihuahuas — “damn, how’d they do that?

The right ad agency helps you stand out from your competitors with attention-grabbing ad copy and creatives—then employ secret strategies to keep all that attention in your ecosystem versus your competitors.

We’re living in a time where you can completely run over your competition. If you’re even remotely savage and have the growth mindset to scale—you’re leaving your competitors eating dirt.

7. How much are you losing not hiring an ad agency?

What’s your cost of inaction?

  • Lost opportunities and future money.
  • Hidden costs of hiring and firing. 
  • Hidden costs of training talent.
  • Costs of mistakes.
  • Cost of ignorance.
  • Lost savings.

The objection I get the most is a cost objection.

“it costs too much.”

My rebuttal to that objection is “how much are you losing not hiring us?”

“Timmy, You’ve said that you want to scale to $7,500,000. But the previous 3 years, you’re stuck doing $3,000,000 per annum.”

“Don’t you think you’re missing something?”

If you’ve read the full article, you know what I mean, as I just demonstrated all the hidden costs and growth opportunities you’re missing out on by not hiring an ad agency.

Growth and Glory. This is the way.

– Mike

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